Discovering The Jewish Jesus Audio Podcast

Mysteries in the Gospel of John Season 3: Expecting Miracles

October 24, 2022

What was Jesus first miracle? Why did Jesus turn water to wine? What is the significance of that first miracle? Rabbi Schneider shares that studying and understanding John's Gospel is profound. Jesus turns water to wine, and it is better than the wine served prior. But the significance is that as we keep our eyes on Jesus, the best years of our lives will be the latter years of our lives. Even as the outer body fails, Jesus renews our inner man. We will receive a deeper peace and grace from God. We will be renewed day by day. God shows His glory by doing something supernatural in the lives of His children. Write and keep track of the things God does in your life to give you courage as you press on. Watch Discovering the Jewish Jesus in this episode to explore and understand the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

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