Discovering The Jewish Jesus Audio Podcast

Mysteries in the Gospel of John Season 2: The Law and Grace

October 18, 2022

What does spiritual birth "born again" mean? How is it possible to be born again? Rabbi Schneider shares what the spiritual, supernatural born again experience means in relationship to faith. Let go of preconceived notions of what born again means and learn what Jesus meant by being born of the Spirit. Jesus is the bridge between God and humanity because He is fully God and fully man. The Gospel of John is real history sharing that John saw the real Jesus. John saw Jesus glory and light, saw Jesus transform, and experienced His full grace and truth. For the Law was given through Moses, grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. As we receive Jesus, we become part of Him and He is in us. This spiritual mystery is revealed through the Gospel of John. God loves you. You can be born again because Jesus is the grace that covers your sins and brings you to the heart of God.

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