Discovering The Jewish Jesus Audio Podcast

Mysteries in the Gospel of John Season 1: The Trinity

October 13, 2022

What is the Trinity? How can God be 3-in-1? Rabbi Schneider shares how it's possible for God to be the Trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Learn what the Bible means in Genesis 1:26, "Let us make man in our image." God is a complex, compound unity. God has relationship within himself. Our concept of family and relationship comes from the fact that within the Godhead relationship already exists. Ask yourself: Where did God come from? Being intellectually unable to grasp that God has always been helps us to understand that there are mysteries beyond our comprehension because He is God. When we try to define God, we must recognize and include He is relationship. Seek His face and God will reveal more and more about Himself to you.

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